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Canopies.ie is Ireland's leading manufacturer and installer of Residential and Commercial Canopies. Enhance the beauty of your house or of your commercial space and add a touch of charm.

Classic and elegant, characterized by a rounded front and side canopy, canopies are models that can adapt to various types of buildings and architecture.
The dome awnings are not only used to cover windows of homes but also commercial windows.
Depending on the model, the canopies offered by Canopies.ie can reach even six meters in width. Cable control is standard, but upon request it is possible to have crank or motorized control.
The Canopies.ie canopies come in various models, including the base, compass, proportional, round, semi-round and radial.
The canopy awnings by Canopies.ie have a fully powder-coated aluminum structure subjected to a chromatization process to better fix the paint to the surface. This treatment protects the cloth movement mechanisms from rain and UV rays, as well as corrosion caused by atmospheric agents and add strength and rust protection.
The fabrics of the canopies are available in light polyester or acrylic, both resistant to wear and tear, giving the dome strength and allows to drain water away effectively. The pelmet is available in various colors and designs. In addition, it can be customized with designs or writing to meet the needs of your commercial businesses.
For any more information or costings please contact info@canopies.ie
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About Canopies.ie

Canopies.ie Ireland is an arm of Awnings.ie - Ireland's leading manufacturer and installer of Awnings, Canopies & Blinds.

We operate a Nationwide Service throughout Ireland, serving both the Commercial and Residential markets in every county.

Canopies.ie Ireland caters specifically for Canopies, Walkway Awnings & Traditional Old Style Awnings.

We protect households and businesses across the country from the unpredictable Irish weather.

Call us: 01 4530032 | Email us: info@canopies.ie


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To protect customers and employees in compliance with the recommendations of the HSE regarding Covid-19.




Protect your Greatest Assets

The reopening of restaurants, cafés and public establishments must be organized in such a way as to guarantee the recommended safety distance to customers and employees.

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The HSE has recommended that approved sized customer groups be contained in a 2m by 2m space. The hygienic protective partition walls of Awnings.ie Glass Screens give a valid support to make the distance between a table and the other even safer.

Quick and Easy to Clean and Disinfect

They are practical, because they can be mounted in a few minutes and they can be moved quickly according to the needs, and they are quick and easy to clean and disinfect.


Protective Covid-19 Screening for Restaurants and Bars

Protecting workers' health and guaranteeing a safe and healthy workplace today is more than ever essential and for this reason, Awnings.ie, the first name in the production of modular structures for the Hospitality sector and partition walls for the industrial sector, has developed and created a line of hygienic protective barriers to counter and limit possible contagion from Covid-19.

The hygienic protective partition walls in safety glass can be used in all work areas where contact with the public is foreseen or where it is necessary to maintain the recommended safety distance between customers and employees. They protect people in an effective way from the transmission of germs and viruses such as Covid-19, they are practical because they can be mounted in a few minutes, and they can be moved according to the needs.

awnings.ie covid-19 protective screen

Different models have been developed to meet every needs. They are made with aluminum profiles, lower panel in composite laminate or in laminated safety glass.


awnings.ie covid-19 protective screen


  • Aluminum profile colour cast iron gray or RAL 9010
  • Laminated safety-glass 3+3.2mm
  • Models available for ground-fixing or freestanding models


  • Module height 150cm or 180cmother dimensions are available on demand
  • Module length 100/150cm
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  • Aluminum profile colour cast iron gray or RAL 9010
  • Temperered safety glass 4mm (models h150cm) or 5mm (models h 180cm)
  • Models available for ground-fixing or freestanding models


Module height 150cm or 180cmother dimensions are available on demand

Module length 100/150cm

awnings.ie covid-19 restaurant screens image


  • Profiles in aluminum, colour cast iron gray or RAL 9010
  • 5mm tempered safety glass
  • Supports in stainless steel

Space height for the transfer of product height 15cm

DIMENSIONS:95cm x 100cm high

DIMENSIONS:61cm x 100cm high WEIGHT:12K

awnings.ie covid-19 restaurant screens image
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Window Canopies @ Canopies.ie Ireland

A traditional form of external shading for both domestic and commercial properties with a good visible surface area for signwriting.

At Canopies.ie  - canopies can be manufactured in a variety of shapes to complement the architecture of your home or business premises. Choose from an array of fabrics to suit your premises and why not create a visual statement by having your details screen-printed or sign written across the fabric. Canopies.ie prove canopies and awnings that are manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium with cast components. Generally they are covered with acrylic fabric that is secured to the frame by staples and hidden by PVC hideaway piping. Depending on the canopy shape the frames can be manufactured as a fixed shape or retractable. Folding canopies are manually operated using cords & pullies.

Dutch blinds are one the most popular types of external blinds both in the domestic and commercial markets. The quarter circle design allows for the side legs to be fixed to the building thus improving stability in windy conditions. Installation on shops, hotels etc also allows increased signwriting opportunities on both the front and side panels.

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The PIAZZA Lean to Glass Roof

The Piazza is a stylish Veranda, Canopy and Lean to Glass Roof system from Awnings.ie that is glazed with a choice of 6mm or 8mm toughened glass.

With elegant posts and optional glass roofing, the Piazza Lean to glass roofs offer you a deluxe canopy or veranda at an affordable price. By featuring the option of glass roofing, the Piazza from Awnings.ie offers improved acoustic properties – reducing the noise of rain drops during a downpour; these glass panels also provide a sparkling finish which is easy to maintain, particularly if the self-cleaning glass is chosen.

All framework is constructed from durable aluminium, with the option to powder coat the structure to any RAL colour or BS colour.

The Piazza Lean to glass roofs are the perfect veranda solution for domestic gardens and provides effective and stylish cover from the weather for alfresco dining and garden parties.With a span of up to 4m glass length from its supporting wall, and an unlimited length you will have a solution that can be adapted to suit your exact needs.

Piazza Lean To Glass Roofs come with a full 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy, making this a real investment that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come

Now available in either white or anthracite grey as standard.

The Piazza

Lean to Glass Roofs - Features & Benefits

  • Full 10 Year Guarantee – The Piazza is supplied with a full 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy for the canopy frame
  • UV Activated Self-Cleaning Glass –Optional 6mm or 8mm self-cleaning toughened glass has a UV activated special coating that is applied during manufacture that breaks down organic dirt which is then washed away by the rain. Only a small amount of UV is needed to activate the special coating so that the veranda remains clean even on cloudy days
  • Toughened Glass – Both glass options are toughened during manufacturing and achieve Class 1 BS EN 12600 for impact performance
  • Low Maintenance – All roof options are low maintenance, particularly the self-cleaning glass, which means less cleaning is required, saving you time and money
  • High Light Transmittance –All roof options offer high light transmittance
  • Available Projections –Up to 4m projection (Bar length)
  • Simple Veranda Fixing System with Minimal Parts – For a simple and speedy installation
  • Low Profile – The Piazza can be fitted in height restricted areas
  • Integral Aluminium Guttering – Creates a sleek, modern design which is stronger than external guttering systems and saves time on installation

Information on the design load and maximum span limits is available on request.

Projection up to 4m

Posts Spacing
Projection: Up to 4m
Spacing: 3.0m

Glazing Bars Spacing
Projection: Up to 3.2m
Spacing: 600mm

From 2.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees

The Piazza

Optional Upgrades

  • Wide Range of Colour Options – The aluminium frame can be finished to any BS or RAL colour  - view here
  • Victorian Veranda Upgrade Available – Enhance your lean to glass roof structure with traditional style decorative post sleeves and gallows brackets
  • Infrared Heaters - Wall Mounted Infrared Heaters can be added to the veranda to create a warm and cozy atmosphere
  • Integrated LED Lighting Available – Lighting can be added to the veranda to enable your customers to entertain when the sun goes down
  • Glass Options – 6mm clear toughened, 6mm clear self-cleaning, 6mm toughened tinted grey and blue and 6mm toughened self-cleaning tinted blue glass.








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Walkway Awnings

Walkways & Awning Stuctures

Walkways and approach awnings are very popular additions to the frontage of hotels, clubs and restaurants.

Approach Awnings

The construction of approach awnings is from the same extrusion as Dutch blind systems and these rigid structures provide a highly visible advertisement for the premises together with the practicality of giving weather protection to the patrons. Computerised bending of the Dutch blind extrusion together with the vast range of specifically designed components now available for approach awnings and walkways provide an almost limitless range of shape, size and design.


These are basically an extension of the approach awning (i.e. longer) and are generally used to connect one building with another to give weather protection. Construction is the same but due to the lengths involved it will be necessary to construct a heavy duty aluminium base frame mounted on awning poles and brackets. The walkway frame can then be bolted to the top of the base frame. All must be secured back to the building(s) where possible.

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Victorian Old Style Awnings

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Traditional Shop Blinds

The ‘traditional’ blind as we know it today was the standard form of shop blind before the introduction of folding arm awnings. There is a significant quantity still in daily use which is a testament to the design and the materials used.

This blind style is specified mainly for use on shops within conservation areas and other areas of special interest, although it can be fitted in any location.

Types and Operation

Traditional blinds are usually supplied with arms and slides and occasionally with trellis extension arms. Pivot or ‘shoe’ arms are also available.

The blinds with arms and slides or trellis arms are supplied with a pull down pole for operation. Those supplied with pivot arms can be operated by gearbox or electric motor as well as by means of a pole.

The blinds are wound on helical spring rollers, or on geared or electric motorised rollers. The rollers are housed in specially constructed wooden blind boxes with wooden front laths of a raised panel or ogee profile.

Blind boxes were originally fixed above the name fascia or entablature, and this allowed for the blind cloth to be set at a steep angle which gave a pleasing aspect to the blind, better ventilation and better weathering.

The present tendency is for blind boxes to be fitted below the name fascia panel and consequently a much flatter blind is the result. This sometimes calls for the introduction of brass rainwater drain eyelets on the cover.

Wherever possible, consideration should be given to positioning the blind box at the highest level.


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