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The Simplicity 35

A large domestic or commercial solution. Perfect for schools, colleges, hospitals and local Authority establishments or large span carports and verandas due to its durability, versatility, and unlimited length.

Like the Simplicity 6 and Simplicity 16 the Simplicity 35 Veranda Roof is completely constructed from aluminium, giving you a structure with unbeatable durability together with a life expectancy of up to 25 years. This robust system is also supplied with a full 10 year guarantee.

The Simplicity 35 Veranda can be manufactured to any length to meet specific requirements and can span up to 6 metres, enabling you to cover multiple cars easily with minimum posts. It has a modern, stylish appearance and benefits from robust integral aluminium guttering which creates an attractive finish to the structure whilst also ensuring a quick installation. Furthermore, this aluminium guttering requires minimal subsequent maintenance throughout the products lifetime.

The Simplicity 35 Veranda system features 35mm structured polycarbonate roof panels, which are available in clear or opal and offers in excess of 98% UV protection which reduces the risk of your vehicle paintwork fading and will protect anyone using the area from harmful UV rays.

The Simplicity 35 Veranda has a variable wall pitch from 2.5° - 45° so that you can decide on the height of the wall-plate to suit your needs – ideal for taller vehicles such as campervans and caravans. The aluminium framework, which is supplied in white as standard, can be coloured to any RAL or BS colour to match existing window and door frames or to create an attractive contrasting effect.

The Simplicity 35 is also the perfect veranda or canopy for commercial settings as well as private homes.

This contemporary yet robust system has passed the ACR(M) 001:2005 Test for Non-Fragility of Profiled Sheeted Roof Assemblies and is certified as a Non-Fragile system (providing the installation conforms to span and loading charts – please contact us for more information). This glazing system must be used in conjunction with the supplied polycarbonate to conform to wind and snow loadings for Ireland.

The Simplicity 35 Veranda is available in any RAL or BS colour to meet specific requirements.

The Simplicity 35

Features & Benefits

  • Full 10 Year Guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy
  • Fully Aluminium System – Including heavy duty structural aluminium roof bars for ultimate strength
  • Stainless Steel Fixings – All of the fixings are 316 marine grade stainless steel for longevity and total resistance to corrosion
  • Integral Aluminium Guttering – Saves time on installation and creates a robust and attractive gutter system
  • 35mm Structured Polycarbonate Our 7 wall polycarbonate is amongst the strongest you can buy.
  • Fire Performance - Polycarbonate panels benefit from excellent fire performance,meeting BS476 part 7 class 1,EN13501 and B-s1, d0
  • Robust Roof System – The roofing system is strong enough to be walked on as a means of escape and maintenance, with the use of boards (edge protection recommended)


  • High UV Protection – A layer of UV absorber is co-extruded on the outer surface of the roof panels which prevents damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet and protects those underneath from the sun. UVprotection also prevents yellowing and loss of strength to the panel,giving it longer life
  • Variable Roof Pitch – The roof has a variable pitch of between 2.5° – 45°
  • Large Projection – Projection of up to 6 metres to create large shaded areas if required
  • Unlimited Length – This structure can be constructed to any length to suit requirements

Information on the design load and maximum span limits is available on request.


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Optional Gallows Included

Optional Base Castings and Gallows Included

Projection up to 6m

Posts Spacing
Projection: Up to 4m    4.1m - 6m
Spacing:          3.5m             3m

Glazing Bars Spacing
Projection: Up to 4.5m    4.5m - 5.3m    5.301 - 6m
Spacing:           1250mm      700mm          500mm

From 2.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees

The Simplicity 35

Optional Upgrades

The Simplicity 35 can be supplied with upgrades as follows:

  • Wide Range of Colour Options – The framework can be finished to anyRAL or BS colour
  • Victorian Upgrade Available– Transform the Simplicity 35 into a decorative structure with the Victorian Upgrade
  • Integrated LED Lighting Available – Lighting can be added to your veranda to enable your customers to entertain when the sun goes down
  • Infrared Heaters Available – Add Infrared Heaters to your veranda to create a warm and cosy area underneath when socialising or dining outside in your garden






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Simplicity 35 Veranda image
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