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Dutch Profile
Anodised aluminium extrusion (SAA or powder coated) to make framework, incorporating a channel to house the PVC insert.
Face Fix Bracket
As above but back fixing only.
Made from alloy or glass filled nylon to which cord is fastened to hold blind in position out of a child’s reach.
Centre leg bracket
Used on wider (over 5m) Dutch blinds to prevent sagging of the extrusion and adding rigidity to the framework. The centre leg can be fitted wherever a suitable wall fixing is available. Available in alloy or nylon.
Corner Piece
Small radius corner with two tongues that insert to the extrusion to join legs and cross members. These are produced from either alloy or glass filled nylon.
Hinge Set
A front and back hinge connected by either two or three middle hinges, depending on the projection, and joined together with alloy hinge pins. All the hinge pieces have a tongue for inserting into the extrusion and riveted.
Heavy duty with nylon wheel to operate the raising and lowering of the blind. Originally fitted to the extrusion by means of a stamped metal pulley plate. This was superseded by the tuning fork which lowered the cord beneath the fold of the blind fabric to reduce the effect of chafing as do corner braces, a glass filled nylon or alloy component which fastens at an angle across the corner of the frame. This not only carries the pulleys and cord but holds the frame square and reinforces its strength. On smaller blinds these are generally fitted to the front and back frames only but on large projections they should be fitted to all frames to improve rigidity.
Top Fix Bracket
Formed anodised aluminium bracket to allow both top and back fixing. This holds the back frame of the blind and is used in conjunction with a cover board.
Stand off bracket
Used when there is a gap between the leg of the blind and the wall. Two stand off brackets are inserted into a cut length of Dutch Blind extrusion. One is bolted to the back hinge – the other is screwed to the wall. Made from alloy or nylon.
Nylon Dutch Extrusion Joiner
Fits inside the extrusion and held by rivets in order to butt lengths of extrusion together.
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